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Nordic All Level Championship
Date: 03.12. & 04.12.2022 • Partille Arena Gothenburg, Sweden

Teams from all over Europe have the opportunity to compete at this unique competition experience, and it’s also currently the only Varsity Europe event in the Nordic region!

Starting in 2019 – The Nordic All Level Championship has been raising the standards for Cheerleading Competitions in Scandinavia – and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2022!
* 2 Day Event with Prelims and Finals!
* Cheer and Dance Divisions
* NEW: (9 mats) Spring Floor
* Medals for all competing Teams
* Trophies for all top 3 teams
* Photos of your routines
* Most Valuable Performance Award
* Livestream

The competition will be hosted with the well known Varsity Europe Quality and attracts the TOP teams from Scandinavia as well as beginner teams that have only started their Cheer-Journey. On the following pages you can find all main information about the Nordic All Level Championship. More details will be sent to you once you have signed up!

Scoring & Rules
For your perfect live experience

Dates & Deadlines & Schedule

Competition Set Up

Competition Set Up

The Nordic All Level 2022 will be held again on two days!For the new divisions list offered at the Nordic All Level Championship 2022 please see
the age grid:

Cheer divisions with less than 4 team registrations will not move into finals.*

Cheer divisions with 5 – 20 team registrations: Top 5 will move into finals

Cheer divisions with 20 – 30 team registrations: Top 6 will move into finals

If a divison has finals and the number of finalists will be announced after the final registration deadline.

*we reserve the right to allow some categories to have finals even with less than 4 registered teams.

Preliminary Schedule

Preliminary Schedule:

U16 & U18 Divisions
Open Divisions

U6, U8 & U12
U16 & U18 Divisions finals
Open Divisions finals
Masters Divisions
Dance Divisions

This Schedule ist Subject to change and depends on number of registrations.

Registration Details

Registration Details

General Rates: 17.10.2022
Coaches & Athletes 1. Category: 38,00 EUR
Extra Category: 30,00 EUR

Late Rates: 18. – 31.10.2022
Coaches & Athletes 1. Category: 50,00 EUR
Extra Category: 30,00 EUR


Booking Portal

Our divisions
Compete in the following divisions:


    • U6 (exhibition only)
    • U8 (exhibition only)
    • U12 (exhibition only)
    • Peewee Hip Hop
    • Peewee Jazz
    • Peewee Freestyle Pom

* Allgirl and Coed Divisions with less than 3 team registrations will be grouped as one.
** There is no seperation into Allgirl and Coed


    • U16
    • U16 NT
    • U16 Coed
    • U16 Coed NT
    • U18
    • U18 NT
    • U18 Coed
    • U18 Coed NT
    • Junior Hip Hop
    • Junior Jazz
    • Junior Freestyle Pom


    • Open
    • Open Global
    • Open NT
    • Open Coed 4
    • Open Global Coed 4
    • Open Coed 4 NT
    • Open Coed 16
    • Senior Coed Cheer Level 6+
    • Open Global Coed 16
    • Open Coed 16 NT
    • Masters
    • Open Jazz
    • Open Coed Jazz
    • Open Pom
    • Open Coed Pom
    • Open Hip Hop
    • Open Coed Hip Hop

Tickets & Eventshirts
For your perfect live experience

Event Shirt

All orders made up until the general registration deadline (October 17th.) will receive a guaranteed shirt. Orders that are made after that date will be processed as long as stock last.

The following sizes are available:
Adults: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Kids are: 118/128cm, 130/140cm , 142/152cm

Eventshirts can be ordered for 21 EUR.

Shop now

We have started the Ticket Sales for the Nordic All Level Championship 2022.

Please find below some information that might help you organize your day already.

  • All Tickets are free seating within their area.
  • All Spectators will receive certain colored wristbands at the entrance and are obligated to wear those during the entire time of their stay.
    Please note: If you would like to sit together as a group, the principle here is, first come, first served. The best option is to come directly with the whole group. This way you have the greatest chance to sit together.
  • Registered Athletes, Coaches and Assistants do not need to buy tickets for the second day, we have reserved a separate area for you.
  • Tickets will be sold as long as stock last.

●  Daily Ticket
Single Tickets (up to 20 in one order): 26 EUR + service fee
Grouptickets (more than 20 in one order): 24 EUR + service fee

●  Two Day Tickets
Single Tickets (up to 20 in one order): 45 EUR + service fee
Grouptickets (more than 20 in one order): 40 EUR + service feeTickets will be sold as long as stock last

Your Nordic All Level Championship Shirt

Your way to Orlando
Next stop: USA!


THE SUMMIT is held only a week after “Worlds” and attracts tenthousands of cheerleaders from Level 1 to 4 to come to Orlando, Florida.

2 out of the 10 bids listed above will be upgraded to paid bids using the following criteria:
The 2 paid bids will be determined by the highest score in the overall section of the scoresheet, should there be more than two teams meeting this requirement the tie-breaker will be the teams with the lowest deductions. The third tie- breaker will be the tumbling score.


  • 1 x AT LARGE Bids for highest scoring team of U16 Level 1 & U18 Level 1
  • 1 x AT LARGE Bids for highest scoring team of U16 Level 2 & U18 Level 2
  • 3 x AT LARGE Bids for highest scoring teams of U16 Level 3, U16 Coed Level 3,U18 Level 3 & U18, Coed Level 3
  • 3 x AT LARGE Bids for highest scoring teams of U16 Level 4, U16 Coed Level 4, U18 Level 4 & U18 Coed Level 4
  • 2 x AT LARGE Bids for highest scoring teams of Open Level 4, Open Coed 4 Level 4 & Op

* PAID Bids include accommodation & participation for up to 24 Athletes and 2 coaches for four nights at Disney ́s All Start Resort.

THE SUMMIT 2023 Information