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Nordic All Level Championship
Date: 04.12 & 05.12.2021 • Partille Arena Gothenburg, Sweden

The Nordic All Level Championship is an established competition in Varsity Europes homegrown championships. Teams from all over Scandinavia and Europe have the opportunity to compete at this unique competition.

We are happy to be back after we couldn’t do the Nordic All Level last year due to corona.
Due to everything that has happened in the last 16 months we are making sure to take all precautions possible. Different scenarios that could come into play could be, but are not limited to, what’s listed below
  • various types of restricted access
  • proof of negative testing, vaccination or recovery after Covid disease
  • limited spectator access
  • travel limitations for regions that are considered as hotspots during fall

If we have to make changes to the normal procedure or have to implement extra safety measures that could lead to extra costs to be able to host the event, we will of course keep you updated. You will always have the option to change or cancel your registration completely free of charge. Please note that we can not refund any costs associated with your trip in the event of a cancellation on your or our part.

The competition will be hosted with the well known Varsity Europe Quality and attracts the TOP teams from Scandinavia as well as beginner teams that have only started their Cheer-Journey. On the following pages you can find all main infos about the Nordic All Level Championship. More details will be sent to you once you have signed up!


Date: 04.12 & 05.12.2021
Place: Partille Arena Gothenburg

Awards and finalist announcements will be held virtual after the corresponding category block. Detailed air times will be communicated soon.

Trophies, award certificates, score sheets and bid certificates can be picked up at the registration desk after the corresponding award session / finalist announcement.


Scoring & Rules
For your perfect live experience

Dates & Deadlines & Schedule

Competition Set Up

Competition Set Up

The Nordic All Level 2021 will be held again on two days! To offer anyone the ultimate cheer experience prelims and finals will be offered for the following divisions:

Junior Cheer Level 1 – 6
Senior Cheer Level 1 – 7

Divisions with less than 5 team registrations will not move into finals.

Divisions with 5 – 17 team registrations: Top 5 will move into finals

Divisions with 18 and more team registrations: Top 30% will move into finals

Preliminary Schedule

Preliminary Schedule:

Peewee Stunt Level 2 & 3
Junior Stunt Level 4 & 6
Senior Stunt Level 6 & 7
Junior Cheer Level 0 – 6
Senior Cheer Level 0 – 7

Peewee Cheer Level 0 – 3
Master Cheer Level 0 – 3
Junior Cheer Finals Level 1 – 6
Senior Cheer Finals Level 1 – 7
Dance Divisions

This Schedule ist Subject to change and depends on number of registrations.

Registration Details

Registration Details

General Rates: 20.10.2021
Coaches & Athletes 1. Category: 35,00 EUR
Extra Category: 25,00 EUR



Our divisions
Compete in the following divisions:


      • Peewee Cheer Level 0
      • Peewee Cheer Level 1
      • Peewee Cheer Level 2
      • Peewee Cheer Level 3
      • Peewee Groupstunt Level 2
      • Peewee Groupstunt Level 3
      • Peewee Hip Hop
      • Peewee Jazz
      • Peewee Freestyle Pom

* Allgirl and Coed Divisions with less than 3 team registrations will be grouped as one.
** There is no seperation into Allgirl and Coed


      • Junior Cheer Level 0**
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 1*
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 2*
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 3*
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 4*
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 6
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Groupstunt Level 4
      • Junior Allgirl & Coed Groupstunt Level 6
      • Junior Coed Partnerstunt Level 6
      • Junior Hip Hop
      • Junior Jazz
      • Junior Freestyle Pom


      • Senior Cheer Level 0**
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 1*
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 2*
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 3*
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 4*
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Small & Large Cheer Level 6
      • Senior Allgirl Cheer Level 6+
      • Senior Coed Cheer Level 6+
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Groupstunt Level 6
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Small & Large Cheer Level 7
      • Senior Allgirl & Coed Groupstunt Level 7
      • Senior Coed Partnerstunt Level 7
      • Senior Hip Hop
      • Senior Jazz
      • Senior Freestyle Pom
      • Masters Level 1**
      • Masters Level 2**
      • Masters Level 3**

Tickets & Eventshirts
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Ticket Sales starts today. Please find here some useful information to plan your trip.

Ticket information

Event Shirt

All orders made up until the final registration deadline will receive a guaranteed shirt. Orders that are made after that date will be processed as long as stock last.

The following sizes are available:
Adults: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Kids are: YXS, YS, YM & YL

Eventshirts can be ordered for 19 EUR.


Your Nordic All Level Championship Shirt

Your way to Orlando
Next stop: USA!

UCA International Championship!

On top of winning great trophies and titles, the best teams from each european country will also have the chance to compete at the International UCA All Star Championship in Orlando Florida.

With more than 20.000 athletes the IASC is one of the most prestigious competitions in All Star Cheerleading.

The At Large Bid is valid for 2 years and can be won in the following divisions:

      • Junior Cheer Level 4 & 6 – Allgirl & Coed
      • Senior Cheer Level 6 & 7 – Allgirl & Coed
      • Senior Groupstunt – Allgirl & Coed
      • Senior Partnerstunt – Coed


Take your chance and win one of 5 Bids to THE SUMMIT 2022! This prestigious Level 1-4 All Star competition is only taking place shortly after Worlds week and attracts thousands of athletes from all over the world!

1 x The highest scoring team in all Junior and Senior Level 1 – 4 divisions will receive a PAID Bid.

The PAID Bid includes accommodation & participation for up to 24 athletes and 2 coaches for 4 nights at the Disney´s All Star Resort.

4 x The highest scoring team in all Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 divisions receives an AT LARGE Bid

The level in which the PAID Bid winner has competed, the second highest scoring team will be awarded.

The listed Bids are only valid for The SUMMIT 2022.
All winners will receive all information within 3 days after the event.
The SUMMIT Bids are only eligible for european teams.
If a team wins a SUMMIT Bid that has already won one at a different competition, the Bid will go to the next highest scoring team.
Bid winners must compete in the according international divisions at The SUMMIT 2022
All information on The SUMMIT 2022 can be found here:

THE SUMMIT 2022 Information


Also the dancer of the competition can win their spot at the National Dance Team Competition in Orlando Florida.

The best team from each european country will receive the At Large Bid for the NDTC. The Bid is valid until NDTC 2022.
Compete in the following divisions to take this unique chance:

      • Junior Freestyle / Jazz / Hip Hop
      • Senior Freestyle / Jazz / Hip Hop