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Frequently asked questions about Booking Portal

Varsity Europe offers the most exciting events, the hottest competitions and camps just around your corner – and only a few clicks away.

Our Booking Portal makes your registration for official Varsity Europe events easy as pie, saves you heaps of paperwork and gives you even more time for the important things in life: cheerleading for example.

Can’t find the answers to your questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do I register?

Registration application can be found under the menu item „Register“. After you have submitted your data, we will review your application and send you an e-mail with your login details.

How much does it cost to use the Booking Portal?

Nothing, using our Booking Portal is totally free – you can spend your money for the pretty things in life!

For which events can I register?

You can register to all official Varsity Europe events. As soon as an event is open to registration, you will find it under the menu item „Varsity Europe Events“.

How long do I have to wait for my login data / invoice?

Incoming applications or event registrations will be reviewed manually. We try to process your inquiries as soon as possible, especially on weekends or evenings waiting times might be a little longer.

What is the Personal Registration Form?

The Personal Registration Form contains all important personal and medical information and is needed for every individual person. You can either find it as PDF in every single event or in the e-mail you receive after your final registration.

How can I upload the Personal Registration Form?

As soon as you have registered for a competition you will find a Button called “Files” in your registration archives. Here you can upload your PDFs and music files.

How can I upload the music file?

As soon as you have registered for a competition you will find a Button called “Files” in your registration archives. Here you can upload your PDF´s and music files.  Please make sure to label the music accordingly since otherwiese we can not match it to the event.

How do I pay my registration fee?

After you have submitted your final registration, you will receive a confirmation. This confirmation is the basis for your club to pay the balance. Directly after the event is over, the actual invoices for all clubs will be issued on the basis of your last confirmation and will be send to you by email.

How do I change my invoice details?

You can change your invoice details under the menu item „My profile“. Choose „Organisation“, the address of you organisation is your invoice address.

What can I do if I want to do a late registration for one of my athletes?

Until the according final registration deadline for the event you can easily cancel your registration and apply newly with your changes. Please go to your “registratioN” area. Than choose “register” and the according championship under “Archives”. There you can find the Button “Cancel final registration and apply changes”. You can now add another team to the registration. In order to add another person to an existing team, you need to cancel the team by clicking the X. Than you need to add the new person under “team” to your team. After that is all done, you can redo the registration for that team and finalize your registration. Please note that the prices will be based on the date a single person was registered.
After the registration deadline you can only request changes over the “Request Changes” Button under Archives.

I would like to ask for derogation (concerning age). How do I do this?

Please send an e-mail to events@varsity-europe.org with name, age and team name of the athlete. We will then review your inquiry and get back to you as soon as possible.

My organisation has already registered several teams for an event, but I would like to add more teams. Can I create a new account?

As you can only create one account per organisation, please use the already existing one. In order to add more teams to an event please follow the changes procedure.

How can I withdraw my event participation?

Please contact us per e-mail: events@varsity-europe.org.

Please be aware that there will be a cancellation fee of 80% of the competition fee until 28 days prior to the event, after 28 days prior to the event we will charge 100% of the amount invoiced.

Who can I turn to if I have technical problems?

Please contact us per e-mail: events@varsity-europe.org.