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Coaches Education
It’s not always about the team!

Coaches education is the key factor to a successful cheerleading program.

Use our educational programs to always be up to date with the latest techniques and methods to provide a most efficient and safe development of your athletes.

All of our educational offers are perfectly tailored to your and your athletes needs and goals: find our Coaches Courses in three different levels for coaches beginners, level 1 to 4 and advanced skills coaches.

Please regard: Coaches Courses B & Beginners Courses will be in German only.

UCA – Universal Cheerleading Association
Private Coaching & Homecamps

In fact Varsity is offering everything a Cheerleader needs, UCA is taking care of all kinds of camps and private coachings. For more than 40 years UCA is the most successful campbrand in the world. With its unique concept it inspires cheerleaders and coaches all around the globe.

It combines tradition and the latest trends and creates a coaching program that is supposed to make you better not just in the short but especially in the long run.

Our goal is to push your whole program forward and train your kids to be knowlegable, hard working and respectful athletes.

Our Instructors are well trained in all aspects of competitive cheerleading and have to proof their selves before they are allowed to teach by their selves. This gives us the opportunity to consider them as experts.

Wheter Stunts, Baskets, Tumbling, Pyramids, Cheer or Choreography we can send you the perfect coach for all of these aspects of cheerleading.

You would like to find out more about our Camps and Private Coachings? Pleas click on the button “UCA mindmap” your all our different camp types.

GO UCA – Learn from the best

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