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VARSITY Cheerleading Championship 2022 – ENG

Varsity EuropeVARSITY Cheerleading Championship 2022 – ENG

VARSITY Cheerleading Championship (Lvl 0-4)
04. + 05.06.2022 • Movie Park Bottrop

The ELITE Cheerleading Champions has grown since 2004 to one of the biggest and most prestigious cheer and dance championships in europe. Last year, over 6.000 athletes made their way to the Movie Park Germany to celebrate the great cheer festival!

From 2022 THE championship at the Movie Park starts into a new era! The well-liked competition will now be seperated into two weekends so there will be more space and time for Fun, Excitement and of course a great portion of cheer life!

ELITE Cheerleading Championship 2022 

  • 28. + 29.05.2022
  • Cheer Level 6 & 7
  • Dance Divisions
  • Senior Stunt Divisions

VARSITY Cheerleading Championship 2022 

  • 04. + 05.06.2022
  • Cheer Level 0 – 4
  • Junior Stunt Divisions

Both Competitions offer the possibilities to compete in a athletic but fun atmosphere against international teams from all over Europe! Great Prizes and cool Trophies are waiting for the winners of each division. The championships will be held in a thrilling prelim-final system!

Coming Soon:

  • General Information
  • Scoring & Rules
  • Performance Order
  • List of Participants
  • Coaches Registration Form
  • Ticket Information
  • Eventshirt Information

Our divisions
The following categories are expected to be offered:

Unsere Kategorien
Folgende Kategorien werden angeboten:

Cheer Divisions

  • Peewee Cheer Level 0
  • Peewee Cheer Level 1
  • Peewee Cheer Level 2
  • Junior Allgirl  & Coed Cheer Level 3
  • Junior Allgirl  & Coed Cheer Level 4
  • Junior Allgirl  & Coed Cheer Level 4.2
  • Senior Allgirl & Coed Cheer Level 4
  • Senior Allgirl  & Coed Cheer Level 4.2

Stunt Divisions

  • Junior Allgirl Groupstunt Level 4
  • Junior Coed Groupstunt Level 4
  • Junior Allgirl Groupstunt Level 6
  • Junior Coed Groupstunt Level 6

Finals Arrangements

  • Divisions with up 5 Teams: No finals
  • Divisions between 6 – 17 Teams: Top 5
  • Divisions from 18 Teams: Top 30%

Grober Ablauf

Saturday 04.06.2022

  • Prelims
    • Junior Cheer Level 3
    • Junior Cheer Level 4
    • Senior Cheer Level 4

Sunday 05.06.2022

  • Peewee Cheer
  • Junior Stunt Divisions
  • Finals

Subject to change

Dates & Deadlines
Your way into the limelight

Anmeldefrist & Teilnahmegebühr
Der Weg ins nächste Abenteuer


…and counting

The registration fees for the competition depend on the number of categories an individual competes in. Coaches and athletes pay the same fee.

  • Participants that are registered as Coaches at the ECC and VCC will only be invoiced once.
  • Participants that are coaching on one weekend and are athletes on the other, will only be invoiced once.
  • Athletes that compete on both weekends will only pay the “additional division” fee for the second start.
  • Participants that are not registered on the accordingly other weekend will have tp purchase general admission tickets to the movie park to attend the second event.

There will be no time related registration fees this year.

The stated fees will are only valid for the first 2.000 participants.
From 2.001 Participants we will charge additional 10,00 EUR per Person.

Registration Deadline:  24.04.2020
Coaches & Athletes 1. Division: 55,90 EUR
Each additional category: 30,00 EUR

Every Athlete can compete in up to 3 divisions.


… and counting

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Tickets & Eventshirts
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Tickets & Eventshirts
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Your way to Orlando
Next stop: USA!

Stunt Division @ UCA International Championship!

Das beste Team eines jeden europäischen Landes der folgenden Stunt Kategorien erhält die Möglichkeit zur Teilnahme an der International UCA All Star Championship 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

AT LARGE BIDS in den Kategorien:

  • Senior Allgirl Groupstunt
  • Senior Coed Groupstunt
  • Senior Coed Partnerstunt

Deine Qualifikations- möglichkeiten
Drei Wege in die USA

Bids-Bids-Bids für THE SUMMIT 2020!

THE SUMMIT is held only a week after “Worlds” and attracks thousands of cheerleaders from Level 1 to 4 to come to Orlando, Florida.

Also in 2020 you can win PAID BIDS to The Summit 2021 Of course there will also be At Large Bids for this amazing event!

  • 2 x PAID BID
  • 8 x AT LARGE BID

More Information to the Bids will follow shortly